Products & Services

Our products and activities are summarised as follows

  • Cutting and finishing of steel with precision and without remnants
  • Configuration cage just to the desired shape and size through the programmable machine settings
  • Wholesale sales
  • Retailing to technical companies and individuals
  • Reinforced concrete steel orders can be placed equally in units of weight or length
  • Delivery within the Thessaloniki Prefecture with no extra cost

As a result of our experience and modern machinery, our top quality products can meet any building need :

  • Concrete reinforcing steel in bars and coils
  • Wire Mesh
  • Cages, See more information on preformed cages and longitudinal spiral connectors
  • column mesh
  • wire rod
  • Wire Νο7
  • straightened wire 0,6mm
  • Nails & concreet nails
  • Preformed Cages of extremely small sizes, suitable for wall trabecula (concrete wall beams)